Kovacs Pedro



Kovacs Pedro

Sex:  Male (not desexed)

Colour:  Black & Tan (bi-colour)

DOB: 07-05-2013

Tattoo: (not tattoo’d)


Weight:  35kg+ approx

Hip & Elbow Scores (TBA)

Grim is a very nice, solid friendly dog.  He is easy to train and loves being with you.  He is being trained to take over for Chicco when he is retired from security work. 

While he is friendly with everyone at home or out and about, at work he is starting to show a good amount of suspicion towards people.  So far he has been happy to go over, under, around or through pretty much anything we throw at him.  Different floor surfaces don’t faze him and strange or loud sounds don’t both him at all.  Even if he doesn’t like something he will usually do it if you ask, even if it means walking along a wire mesh catwalk suspended meters above the ground.

Grim is sociable with all animals he has been exposed to so far, including our bunnies, and is gentle with baby puppies, but loves playing rough with older pups.!

Grim will be having his hips and elbows x-rayed later this year and pending a pass he will be used to further our breeding here at Sokari in the future.

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